Since November/December 2017 our article stressing our concern nobody listens, Sir James Mancham is a dead and anybody can be dead.

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Since November/December 2017 our article stressing our concern nobody listens, Sir James Mancham is a dead and anybody can be dead.

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:52 pm

Firstly we ask to be excused for what we are about to write - it has to be said, others need to know since November/December 2017 our article stressing our concern nobody listens, Sir James Mancham is a dead and anybody can be dead.

Issues surrounding that Heraldic project back in 1998 then Staplehurst and the issue of Farmer Catchpole,afterwards Farmer Day the Company we had set up registered the Accountants and Banks, government officials, then President FA Rene government how he and his many international associates benefited from this project including those from the Gulf region Some of the money dissapeared and those at the National Assembly inquiry

Come the presidency of President JA Michel what ensued with that Heraldic project in-spite of the Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004/5 and the money associated and the National Assembly inquiry

Sir James Mancham was very aware of all the happenings.

Why CERN - without the issue of CERN back in 1987 when we those leading that SIROP program in particular my person call for a global information, knowledge, communication to be able to implement that SIROP program - because of the importance of President F Mitterrand involvement went back to him that we use the existing French Minitel technology to go global -my person had done /impute in vast issues of France and its European and region Gulf Workings with President F Mitterrand and the USSR - the whole bunch of Templar and other Illuminati then involved in the issues and process. My person had more direct workings contacts with the CERN then people and how it came that Tim Brenner Lee and that Belge associate wrote the first global link we prefer to term it this way.

This statement is not just any manure statement -as such if/when anybody get can become involve in such project and workings what it means for the world, civilization and humanity and the faith/.belief and many frontiers and sciences.

This Thursday we are interested in the fact that there are satellite photo/picture of the Yard where after the earthquake and Tsunami of 2004/5 we moved that Heraldic project of our EU Community - meaning any police around the world, intelligence service, Illuminati/Templar and Masonic entity, Criminal gangs, Gangsters, political parties and politicians, NGO, all those in Africa, Latin america, China, Russia, the Arab world of conflict, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar - the officials of the African Union, All the Justice Institutions of the world , Lawyers and their relevant association, those in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland all the relevant agencies of the USA and EU and UN could see the image of that Yard and the Units we were using. These pictures are still available for the whole world to see - there have been vast many impacting thematic of grave importance since 2004/5 among them the coming to office of PM Cameron and his Conservative Government Coalitions the impacting issues which influenced that election and its results - EU major negotiations from Britain. Vast strand of topics leading to the governments of PM Cameron and his decision to transfer power to PM May events and outcome of that Britexit Referendum impacted and influence to an important degree by the ongoing and those managing that Yards and the Traffic, the rage/buzz etc that infernal mechanism.

Having addressed the issue of Sir James Mancham, the Kashoggi family and the Al Fayad and other influential personalities those who know and have known that certain Powers in London /Britain the measures they went/extent that we stay /remain with this project stranded in that Yard including their influence and impacts on Seychelles and Mauritius how the politician and authorities reacted and responded. (The very stressful situation we have been pushed into the amount of money we are owned by very many individuals and entities and yet the methods to block us /impede and prevents us form getting a cent as payment for donation by which we could have solved the situation and the very Yard owners knowledge and awareness they were/are builders and the discipline and knowledge in their industry/Benchmark)

For once Sir Tim Brenner Lee if/should one lot of very unholy manure start flying your brain/knowledge in developing the world first connectivity and how then information was shared and knowledge and since as such we still have connection to CERN and can still influence /impact some of its working and development. All those who have forgotten and choose to forget the decision by the Murdoch Family its influenced by ongoing at that Yard /events.

We also have a large collection of Private photos/images as and when issues became important /relevant.


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