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Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:56 pm

European Election 2019

We had wanted to create our own Facebook page for this European election 2019. Those who refuse to note/remember some of our communication and correspondence over the past 27 years. There was/were no talk of Russia interference. Until 5/6 years ago when those decided to push Russia to the Wall. We have played and made many important contributions in European elections, From the prospective of that SIROP program and our Seychelles EU Connection portal. To be brief and remind everybody, those who requested our support in putting together the EU Budges 5 years ago and we did and how we did this - now by normal logic if you get any entity with this capacity, this entity will have the capacity also to drive important aspects of EU election. Over the past how we impute refraining from any publication - the issues of that SIROP program have contributed and caused three major global crash and a near third world war. This is not small statement . We have watched and monitored how the EU develop its policy, politic in relation to that SIROP program, the mega mess with the exile /refugees and this also caused a near break up of the EU. We have written that any body managing such important issues and mechanism must also have a good understanding of Regulatory bodies and mechanism and as such. How we have used the capacity of those two combined entity to help rebuild and resynergized EU Economy. Given that the European will not listen their benchmark with due and every respect for it many important Institutions. Among the important purpose of setting those entity is to work, drive Indian ocean, Gulf Region and Africa respective thematic and we have addressed a very long history. albeit what the official media and authorities write. Last year at the high of the world crises with USA and Korea what we wrote and what we did, decision to apply important mechanism build in that SIROP program to synergism and develop and different dynamic and synergy in the North Korea and US Nuclear then ongoing dialogue and the topic of NEOM was born. We have address a few issues about the NEOM topic and our modest forum again the EU with its very vast resources its position- with this European election , Britain exiting the EU those who know our role in Britain complex working in the EU and still after wards keep very quiet. Our statement to the Saudi high officials last year that NEOM thematic need to be more inclusive. At the beginning the Saudi officials in spite of having worked with that SIROP program for some 30 years event in the Region - they realize the combine capacity of those two topics SIROP NEOM, a very unique Gulf/Indian ocean dynamic will be created in-spite of the EU vast resources it will not be in the position to manage everything, the need for a greater dialogue to begin and formulate how those see the next 10/20 years of that SIROP NEOM thematic developing. It ought to be playing a very significant role in the EU election because it will be driving creating very important synergy which will pact the EU election process and then what the media and TV Radio will garbage out at the mass and Citizens.


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