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«La reprise est là», a déclaré le chef de l'État lors de son interview du 14 Juillet sur France 2 et TF1. Sur fond de chômage record, il a assumé sa politique de l'emploi, qui s'appuie principalement sur les contrats aidés.

Affichant sa confiance sur le front économique, le président François Hollande a affirmé dimanche que la reprise était engagée.
• «La reprise économique, elle est là»

Invité à réagir sur la prévision de contraction de 0,2% del'économie pour 2013 de l'Insee, François Hollande a déclaré: «La reprise économique, elle est là.» Il a indiqué pour étayer ses propos que la production industrielle repartait. «La France est le pays d'Europe où la production industrielle est le plus rapidement repartie», a-t-il souligné. D'après l'Insee, la production a diminué de 0,4% en mai par rapport au mois précédent, après avoir augmenté de 2,2% en avril. Le chef de l'État a par ailleurs souligné que la consommation des ménages, considérée par le gouvernement comme le moteur de la croissance, était en «petite reprise» tandis que les embauches redécollaient «légèrement». Enfin, il a confié qu'il avait «déjà une assurance»: «Le deuxième trimestre sera meilleur que le premier.»


Upon this Historic 14th July 2013 - given that we have had the opportunity to be trained, associate and work with some of the elite and best in France the past 36 years as a Sechelles Seychelles Exile. The values and sense of responsibility build into us.

We state we have been involved in three major global economic crash as such the discipline involved and what the media and very many have covered about that 2007 global economic and economic meltdown. On our part given the need for accountability what we have addressed. At play those who work and develop special high management fiscal, economic and monetary mechanism - we have had over 30 years of experience in this field.

We have addressed the EU High Institutions, the media an our very many forums, blogs there exist other/alternative discipline and mechanism to manage the economy and fiscal issue of EU and the world - those from the World Bank and USA Central Bank we have worked/associated with the past near 30 years. Having said we have been involved in three global melt down - the corrupted benchmark that politicians, media and many have used - when you develop such discipline and high management workings there s little room for terrible benchmark - you will have to be made to account.

We have pleaded with everybody including President Obama who is a former Lawyer to help/assist us to overcome some of the issues and the results. When they refused asked the politicians in Seychelles to help by way of national and international accountability of that SIROP program - the unique discipline and mechanism which had to be developed to make it work.

For Many years we left the situation at just protesting - until somebody would have had enough of the corrupted workings - Because of PM Navin Ramgoolam and President JA Michel Historic Protocol and our own responsibilities decided to create a simple website that would represent some of the important aspect and workings of the SIROP program - we knew and had known that when we took such step, the reapplication of the discipline and management mechanism and what this would lend/leed to in term of big finance, global economy and the such. We put that website in November 2012 and monitored the impacts and benefits as against what the so call corrupted media and experts were saying. This in EU Britain, France, the USA and region Indian Ocean.

Today on this 14th July 2014 what President Francois Holland said in his own words - we are not inventing. With some of the elite fighting forces of France - unless one is very very sick one do not come forward and make or claim/take credit. We address President Francois Holland, Chancellor Merkle - <" particularly a young Mauritian athlete who inspired us/contributed that we overlook the stench/filth and put that web site together - those in Mauritius who know and we will bend/break the rule she is residing by Versailles and the issues of Versailles we have been working for the past 8 years the impacts and benefits and the lies told otherwise"> Had all this work to be in France or Mainland Europe the impact on EU economy and Fiscal workings would be much more important - irrespective of the corrupted media and so call experts.

Facebook is open to anybody to share their view and ask question. We/I could have chose to do otherwise and the global economy and finance would have been very terrible this 14th July 2013. We simply ask everybody to please listen - even very experience individuals have their limitations - there are those in Britain and the USA and Seychelles, Mauritius and Africa, Russia and china who know exactly what we have written here yet their ruthless corrupted workings - it is that and this reason we had those three global meltdown and the big mess. We contributed to the creation of the WWW so that the people, the public can react and ask question - we ask you to ask the question because if after such a total global fiasco, we have come back again and helped and those who think it is the norm what they do - we will shut everything down - then what.


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