The Death of former Judge Sauzier

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The Death of former Judge Sauzier Empty The Death of former Judge Sauzier

Post  Sirop14 on Tue May 13, 2014 6:54 pm

The local Legal Community is in mourning following the passing away of former Justice of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of Seychelles, André Sauzier.

Mr. Sauzier died on Monday. He was 90 years old.

He served the Seychelles courts between 1970 and 1987.

Our photo shows him attending the launch of the Civil Code revision workshop in June last year.

Comment: We have searched Seychelles Nation 13/5/14 for the news - We have been posting some pictures of ongoing work next to the Family place and those using this as excuse to push their respective agenda and the so call noise - the proper scientific wording - is excess rage/rave/crack vibe by the workers/engineers when using their equipment. We hope the White House and the USA policing authority and the EU will get to red this comment -

Judge and acting Chief Justice Sauzier was a well known and respected personality in Seychelles Colonial Judiciary, after Independence, the changes in 1991 - his contribution and impute to that SIROP program - diverse issues just as did Sir Geroge Souyave. When those builders in the process of working/building or maintenance use excessive rage/rave those who die and get killed need to be accountable and the abuse with it. "Then the so call experts and media their explanation and lies". When any stupid fool by now know ans is aware excessive application of that satanic/rage/rave - crack vibe cause death and kills.

In this case it is a former Judge and acting chief Justice - Court of Appeal Judge.

We convey our condolence and sympathy to his Family, Associates the Judiciary of Sechelles Seychelles Mauritius and Reunion - beside the Seychelles Nation for his many important contributions in our Judiciary workings, progress and development.

We have added a picture of the cause/related.

There are other builders around who know what we are talking about neighbors for and against and cars passing by who hears and pick up the issues.

If we our generation do/cannot/refuse to look after our elderly and Senior Citizens as we do our Children who will do it then.

Given this awful and terrible development - we know Seychelles police, Intelligence service, Army and other policing bits and pieces of the nation monitor our correspondence, beside the International communities - we sent to Seychelles/posted three pictures knowing that they the Police in Seychelles Mauritius, the African Union and France/Reunion - would be on the/their alert - we wanted them to be on the alert. .

This is when were compelled to say thing - Judge Sauzier belonged to a very Old French Family in the Indian Ocean Mauritius Reunion and Seychelles - as such our ancestral values and benchmark - Illuminati, fraternal, Templar, Masonic and the rest. In Old Seychelles when someone say he lives a simple life - just as a very quiet stream flows, brook and iceberg - there are many other overtone associated.

When History is written - to say some lunatic of builders/water works people/engineers in Kent/England used their tools and created so call excessive noise and that caused the death of Judge Sauzier or they will con and crap future generation- this is what happened. Beside we have staff, engineers and what have you trained in England they know what goes on.

We will be blunt - given the linkage, the modern interpretation of penal procedure and laws this infernal satanic rage/vibe/rave, CJD madness and antisocial and its communication is integrated is Seychelles Judiciary workings - how will the learned ladies and Gentleman of the Bar react/behave. Accept it over a Whiskey or glass of Wine or milk or juice or Water.

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