Independence and post-colonial Mauritius 1968-1982

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Independence and post-colonial Mauritius 1968-1982 Empty Independence and post-colonial Mauritius 1968-1982

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Independence and post-colonial Mauritius 1968-1982

We used to listen to some very macabre humorous rancontage of those very senior to us in Seychelles - this development is really wired - PM Tony Blair personally wanted to send us/my person to the USA for persistently mentioning this topic among others and those from the USA "East of Suez" British and USA policy back in the 50's and this morning the Mauritian news paper publish contents of this unique Strategy and those involved. President J A Michel, President FA Rene and first president JR Mancham you owe my/or person a public apology and my children. Those around lady Thatcher and her Cabinet who knew the cack/super manure. This included to President Kassam Uteem , Dr Navin Ramgolam and current PM Jugnauth. You in particular PM Tony Blair - we just trust those many Arabs and Asian parties get to see read - including Mr Imran Khan and Jemaima - those who may have told her your good fiend is bonker. This included President Bill Clinton and Mrs Hillary Clinton and former president Bush Junior. At least president Obama and First lady Obama gave us the befit of the doubt. The many royal and those form France and then President F Mitterrand and the Grand L'Orient de France and the sister Lodge questioned my/our source. What about the many high officials of then Europe 1987, the many Heads of State of Europe, those from the UN and particularly those from NATO and the International Court of Justice. What about those from then Pan African Congress, President Julius Nyerere, the ex sultan of Zanzibar, those from the ANC Mr Olivier Tambo , President Mandela himself and Mrs Winnie Mandela who questioned these issues and its sources 1981 to date, What about President Qaddafi and President Saddam Hussian, those form India the Gandhi Family/dynasty- they now have it black and white. To all my children go in the gardens any where get all the worms, rats tails, snails, flour, oil and eggs and bake a very crazy cake. The article in question - paragraph in the context of the Cold War - please read. Trust those who have the proper marble will come forward with some "proper manure" Lady Thatcher would have a super laughter where ever she is.


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