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Seychelles EU Community infrastructures, facilities, resource destroyed, sabotage, oblitraterd in GB

  • Seychelles EU Community infrastructures, facilities, resource destroyed, sabotage, oblitraterd in GB

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  • SITA - Travel, shop- craft centre, consultancy

    SITA - was quasi the first Seychelles community effort to get some thing going for our Nation - apart from our High Commision in London - situated at Brewers Street. This resource belonged to the SDP faction value £ 1.5 millions. They relocated to Goldners Green consisting of an Office and a show room they lost £25 - £250 millions in total. In Swansea Mr Felix Houreau organization SEA, Seychelles Exile Association £100,000. The Hoopers family pub £79,000.
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  • 1981 started UKSCA registered charity, Community centre, Housing association etc

    After the death of Mr F Houreau - SEA, UKSCA was started from the Old Town Hall, Wandsworth then moved to Hounslow - its worth £1 million, the imputus it gave to SIROP £500 millions projects for the Exile/Seychelles. Moved to the porto cabin - Hounslow. The Centre it was attempting to set up long term £50,000. Mr Michael Horner involvement, the SHA £25,000 worth of work. The London Soho/Market Seychelles club/centre £50,000.
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    Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:42 pm
    Sirop14 The Cold War Britain 1981 and the Harvester Restaurant/pub concept.
  • Victoria - Rd, Kilburn Brent excoach house SIROP, FECAS-ECSVS, IOIMF OFFICE

    Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent was quasi the residance/main Office for the SIROP - £500,000 millions exile return project, it house IOIMF responsible for over £1,000 billion COMECON, German reunification, other global project £2,000 billions. The first Seychelles field lodge was based there. FECAS- ECSVS was based there worth £100 millions Seychelles EU long term community projects - the Court damage case for £21 millions. IOISS was based there, aspects of SNP was also based there.Equally so MPR/SNM we represented Mahe East.
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    Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:01 pm
    Sirop14  Does not this nation, feel the disgrace, utter shame they have a Council for just about everybody and everything and the government support them financially with Tax payers money
  • Morte Lake - Putney Business Centre

    To save the SIROP/Alliance/CDU/DP/SNM exile return program we had opened an office in Mortlake- we lost some £25 - 500 millions worth of syndicated business, lost business Germany Treuhand, reunification and syndicated ventures.
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    Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:24 am
    Sirop14 The rented office and Flat with basement
  • Emperor - mobile home/office, mobile chapel Minuette renamed Princess Diana, Caple Court Country Club/Courage Brewries property- Folkestone

    After the loss of Victoria Rd Kilburn- Brent and UKSCA office in Hounslow. We purchased first a Minuette caravan, then an Emperor mobile office/home from Nortwest Holst Construction subsiduary of SGE France. Based at Caple Le Fern, we began in ernest to building the larger infrastructures for FECAS-ECSVS, several other bodies. Seychelles Development Phase lll. RIM Association, the Isreal peace initiatives, the Palestinian Stock Market- important rebuilding of Lebanon, the Mauritius Stock Market - important project Devp. in Madagascar. We used the facilities in Folkestone and Dover. We travelled to France, Bruxelles and Holland as often we could, the concept for A Seychelles EU Commuity Centre. These two unit were ransacked, one stolen and destroyed so we cannot live Britain and build our commuity, aspect of the Pas de Calais regional economic developement was based/managed from there, the Med Develpment Regional development and the Alpine Regional Developement was managed for those two units - not to exclude the Channal project £7 billions, other issues the Court case - Canterbury County Court for £97,000. The OAU - African Union many affairs was managed from those two Units. ( David Koresh - WACO massacar and Temple Solair mass sucide)
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    Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:36 pm
    Sirop14 The impact of the channel tunnel on kent - University of Kent

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