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The impact of the channel tunnel on kent - University of Kent

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The impact of the channel tunnel on kent - University of Kent Empty The impact of the channel tunnel on kent - University of Kent

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:36 pm

The impact of the channel tunnel on kent - University of Kent

Comment -24/9/16 There have been other study done on the above issue by other bodies. Before PM Blair decided to upgrade and relocate the International station Terminal from Waterloo to St Pancreas/King Cross , the negative economic and social/political fall out from then Conservative PM John Major.

There is great deal missing form that report what Lady Thatcher had in mind when that project was put together it was not just Transport - then highly negative Europe Britain and France relation this Unique project was taken on board to radically change this. Economic, social, political, diplomatic impacting issue far far beyond the content of that study in Britain and Europe/France Economic and Financial working. Then changing USSR, the COMECON economy - what we have termed gearing other major economic thematic those who prefer to use the word leveraging. Even in refurbish Waterloo station as the International Destination - the stressing/emphasis of the first and second world war outcome and Britain dominant role, a such current and future Europe. The way the media and others played politic did not go down well. Hence the mega associated topic of redevelop, King Cross Basin and the new International station. The Transport/Railway privatization. This gave the dynamic for the Northern Railway connectivity rebuilding and high peed connection. From then Lady Thatcher and President F Mitterrand £4.5 billion concept how it ballooned. Much more important the racial context - then old feuding Britain and the communities violence, riots this project played a very important role to change these.

Another issue - the impute gave PM Blair the dynamic to build another aspect of British economic working the Broadband super highway, many will and may not understand the link and associated issue - those for the Cameron era all they wanted to greed, power and wreck what others had painfully build, steal credits for other work and the bloody buffoons of British electorate they lap and believe anything thrown at them.

The talk and debacle they were going to block/close down /fill it in - the Tunnel etc - all in the media.


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