The Calculated - controlled destruction starts new year 2009

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The Calculated - controlled destruction starts new year 2009 Empty The Calculated - controlled destruction starts new year 2009

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:27 pm

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Many may wonder why we have not wished the community and others a happy or whatever New Year.

This is because of the filth which has engulfed human being and mankind, the way they think and act - their terrible dishonesty.

Whilst most of those that could - when we say cound given the economic and financial situation of the world one need money to celwebrate and do things. We spent most of the day yesterday reflecting on the situation in EU, events of the year, the situation in Seychelles - the Indian Ocean, African Union and the rest of the world.

One must not get involved in any repsonsibility ro responsibilities if one cannot understand and appraise the issues arround and sarrounding it and other developments.

Foremost the terrible state of things around our person, families, relatives, associates, those we work with and those immediately affecting our lives, action and thoughts.

It is not normal that one address and discuss the issues of one private life and immediate sarrounding unless one is abnormal in thinking, there is great difficulties and grave problematic. Some of the very private issues we have addressed these past 4 years. Still nobody or very few listen or offer to help.

Because of our concern we addressed the issues of the place we stayed in Goldners Green - Finchley road, the hotel we stayed there when we came to Austiria and lost some of our cloths, later with my Austrian lady friend and much later the Goans friends from Vienna who had a very large House in Goldners Green - married to a British - white person. There is a very great deal we have not address or we normally do not write about. for instance my reason for choosing to stay at Goldners Green - the small hotel , the Jewish Secret Services who used or still monitor many of my movements and those we meet. That Austrian female lady friend is used to staying in some of the best hotels in Europe. Here we were even if the hotel in Goldners Green was supposed to be clean - the cocoraches every where and this person has /had many Jewish acquaintances. Those in Goldners Green who knew what was going on and the British Police.

Why do we choose to talk about cocoraches on New Years day most of you will say and think this is very revolting. For us the Seychellois we remember the cocoraches in our old fashion pit toilet.

We have spent the first part of this morning saying our prayers again the situation in EU, Seychelles, African Union and the world. We then decided to listen to the New Years Mass from Vatican - those of you who have watched.

Pope Benedict said a number of very important things this mroning. The Mass had not even finish - because we have not been able to get a proper house /place for our self - our efforts, specially to get a place in France. Certain person decision to remove the computer I am working/using and put it on the floor and move the table somewhere else.

Here we are talking of people who are supposed to have important church responsibilities and other important responsibilities in life. We will not detail all the discussion here - most of you who live in Britain get your share daily, those who insult you, debase you, intimidate you, threathen you - those who do terrible things to you or have done to you , those who kill on the streets - then they turn round and say nothing is worng with what they have done or are doing. When they know darn well what they have done or up to. this is the depraced practice in Britain. then all those who say they have done nothing wrong , they are not guilty. Meanwhile all those who loose, will and are loosing their lives as a results. this is the depraved practice in Britain.

The reason we have added the cocorach issues in this thread and the image of the Jewish cemetary at Goldners Green and St John Cemetary Hampsted. This terrible state of practice has got totaly out of control. Then we have the media, the politicians and other busy bodies who do not know what and why certain issues have got out of hands - their terrible comments, judgements, the politicians pass their draconian laws and the police turn very nasty. they were not there.

Yet in Britain those who adhear to fraternal/archaic/Masonic ethic and other ethics - they know there exist science and methodology to find our and research if a given envets did take place and the why.

We address all those of the like of President Putin, Chancellor Schroder, President Jacques Chirac, the EU commissionar, the EU Parliament - the like of Sir James Mancham - FA Rene, the Prime minister of Mauritius and their news media of our efforts and request for help to move away from this situation. Because of the very many terrible things and events which have taken place. Yet nobody is prepared to help or assist. Those individuals around us they know what is happenning, the know all the details of our work and affairs yet they turn round and say they know nothing - we are imagining - we are dreaming. They have been grassing on us for the past 19years, skimming all our vital information and passing on and the kick back and personal benefits they have enjoyed or recognition for their dirty deeds. This is the decrapid mental process, - daily practice we have been experiencing the past 18 years which has led and is leading to the terrible state this are sliding to.

There is a very great deal about that/the world financial situation which those who live in those small village - what really has casued such major events and terrible crash - yet if only we could get £20,000 from the $Trillions evaporated, caused to be destroyed, leading multinationals and companies which have taken years of very hard work to build over night thy have been destroyed - those arround us who know our responsibilities and decided to act in the most decrapid of manner - when things go very wrong here were are talking waht we hafve just written - because this is the practice in Britain every where you go and turn round - they have done nothing -, nothing is worng. We would use that money £20,000 to secure a place to live and work where such terrible issues and events will not easily occure.

With those computers on the floors there will be some terrible events and taking place - those who will turn round and say they have done nothing. Nothing is worng. This is the way we start the New Year 2009.

One wander what kind of mind those who do such thing have - their mental process. this is not evil or control or manipulation. This is very dangerous.

We do trust once again those of you who were able to watch the Vatican Mass had a peaceful start of 2009.


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